LG VN251 (Cosmos 2)
Programming Instructions
  1. Power on the handset
  2. Enter ##7764726251 Send
  3. Enter the SPC (000000)
  4. Select the Service Program option
  5. Handset will show its ESN, click Ok to continue
  6. Enter MDN phone number (10 Digit number), click Ok to continue
  7. Enter MIN phone number (10 Digit number), click Ok to continue
  8. Verify that the SID is correct, click Ok to continue
  9. Click Ok at the NAM menu
  10. Click on exit
  11. Handset will power cycle and programming is complete
Diagnostic Mode
  1. No diagnostic mode required.
Additional Troubleshooting
  1. Make sure phone is in diag mode. (if applicable)
  2. Ensure port on phone is clean, brush out if necessary.
  3. Check for proper cable and snug connection to phone port.
  4. Unplug computer side of USB cable, wait 3 seconds and plug into different usb port.
  5. Reinstall drivers for your mobile device. Use Device Manager to ensure you dont have any driver conflicts and the phone is showing up properly.
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